Call JULIE Before You Dig

Please always protect yourself, your family and your property! Before doing any digging - whether it be planting, building, adding or fixing something outdoors -

CALL JULIE: 811 or 1-800-892-0123

  • You can also visit Click Before You Dig for more information on the locate process and to submit an E-Request.  


What is JULIE?

This is the Joint Utility Locate Information Exchange - they notify each utility provider in an area where digging will be occurring. Each utility then locates their buried lines and infrastructure that may interfere with the digging. You must call two working days ahead of your planned digging project - this is the law!


Colored Flags On Your Property?

Each utility marks their infrastructure with specifically colored flags. See the table below for more information.


Red Electric
Yellow Gas-Oil-Stream
Orange Phone, Cable, Fiber
Blue Water
Green Sewer
Pink Survey Markings
White Proposed Excavation