Historic Preservation Commission


Created in 2015, the Historic Preservation Commission is charged with implementing the Village's historic preservation ordinance. The ordinance's purpose is to promote the protection, enhancement, perpetuation, and use of improvements of special character or historical interest or value in the interest of the health, prosperity, safety, and welfare of the people of the Village of Rockton by:
1. Providing a mechanism to identify and preserve the historic and architectural characteristics of Rockton in which represents elements of the Village's cultural, social, economic, political and architectural history;
2. To promote civic pride in the beauty and noble accomplishments of the past as represented in Rockton's landmarks and historic districts;
3. Stabilizing and improving economic vitality and value of Rockton's landmarks and historic areas;
4. Protecting and enhancing the attractiveness of the Village to have buyers, visitors and shoppers and thereby supporting business, commerce, industry, and providing economic benefit to the Village; and
5. Fostering and encouraging preservation, restoration of structures, areas and neighborhoods and thereby preventing future urban blight.
Local Landmarks
As of April 2024, the Village has four local landmarks: 203 W. Franklin St., 109 S. Blackhawk Blvd., 119 W. Chapel St., and 529 Green St., the Rockton Township Historical Society Museum.
Historic Preservation Commissioners
Christopher Anderson
Tricia Davey
Kelly Kulak
Rachel Lynch
Mark Meichtry
Tierra Polfliet
Erica Smith
For more information on local landmarks and historic districts as well as how to landmark your home, please contact Tricia Diduch, Planning & Development Administrator, at diduch@rocktonvillage.com or 815-624-0935.