Illinois EPA Sampling Detects Elevated Metals in Groundwater Monitoring Wells at Former Beloit Corporation Superfund Site in Rockton

Yesterday, the Village of Rockton was notified by the Winnebago County Health Department and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency that the monitoring wells on the Beloit Corporation Superfund site were confirmed to have the presence of elevated metals.  These monitoring wells are used to monitor area groundwater and do not serve area residents. The monitor wells were used to sample the ground water after the Chemtool Fire.  At this time, the source of the metal contamination is not known. The IEPA, IDPH, and WCHD are coordinating initial testing of private wells located in the Blackhawk neighborhood near the monitor wells that tested high for metals. WCHD will be reaching out to residents who have been selected to have their private well sampled. WCHD has reached out to residents within close proximity to have their private well sampled. The Village encourages residents to work with WCHD to get their private wells tested if selected for sampling. The Village of Rockton municipal water supply has not been impacted. The Village municipal water supply was tested for metals on June 21, 2021 and no metals were found.

The Village is committed to ensuring the safety of its residents. We know that another environmental situation is taxing for residents’ sense of safety and mental health. Today’s announcement from the IEPA, while concerning, provides an opportunity to prevent additional exposures and identify potentials sources that could be addressed. Mayor Peterson encourages you to email if you need help finding the appropriate resource for your questions.

The full Illinois EPA press release can be found here: Beloit Corporation Monitoring Wells Results